If you race cyclocross (and if not, why not?), you might be wondering how the regional championships work, and does it include you…

Regional cyclocross championships happen across the UK on Sunday 3rd December, and are based on the region specified on your British Cycling license. Your region is worked out from your home address, not the league you ride in or the club you are a member of. For example, PPV is a Central club, but your license might say Southern and therefore that is your region.

If you are an U14/U16/Junior you can only ride the regional cyclocross championship specified on your license. For example, if your license says Central you cannot ride the Southern Champs. If you are U10/U12 you can ride any of them as it is a non-championship event, and you are not restricted to riding the event which matches your license. However it might be good to ride your regional event, as you will come up against riders you haven’t raced before, which is always interesting for a change.

All regional championship events are entry in advance only – there is no entry on the line (even for younger riders). If you intend to race, you must sign-up via the BC website before the closing date. Links for local rounds are below along with their closing date. If you want to race, get in quick and don’t miss out!

The South regional championship is also a counting round for the Wessex league for U14/U16/Juniors. If you are racing one of the other regions you can still get Wessex league points by emailing the league organiser, who will allocate you average points.

Finally, this is the first time that Central region has held a separate regional cyclocross championship. If you are a Central rider, please do sign-up and support it to ensure it happens again in the future.