Dear All

Tomorrow (Saturday) we have the final club championship event — the skills champs. We are also finishing the outstanding boys sprint finals from when we were cut short due to rain earlier in the year. The skills champs is open to all PPV members, and if you haven’t signed up yet you have until mid-day today.

The schedule for tomorrow morning at Palmer Park is as follows:

9am: Sign-on opens (in the stand)
9.30am: Sprint finals for U12, U14 and U16 boys only
9.45am (approx): Skills champs

As we don’t expect the skills champs to take all morning, once we are finished a few coaches have offered to run some races. Do hang around after if you want to take part.

The skills champs are designed to test your bike handling across a range of activities. We will run through how it works in the briefing, but it will follow a similar format to previous years with ‘skills stations’ where you complete activities for points.

ALL riders are on freewheel bikes for the skills champs, with no fixed wheel bikes allowed. You must also use the freewheel bike you would normally use for the Saturday freewheel session, which for almost all riders is their road bike — no switching to a MTB just for this! There is no gear check beforehand (except for the riders in the sprint final).

Please stay in the stands until after the sprint finals, when you will be called down onto the track. This is to allow the coaching team to set-up the skills stations around the track. If you see riders on the track it is because they have been asked to assist with the set-up.

The sprint finals are for the riders listed below. Please ensure you have been gear checked (around by the shed) before the sprint finals, and remember U14 and U16s are on fixed wheel bikes for the sprint finals (and you will need your freewheel bikes for the skills). U12s are on freewheel. We will call you down to the track when we already to start the sprints.

U12 boys:
A final – Samuel Amos-Osebeyo, Arlo Carey, Finn Hawkins, Noah Horton, Alex Keary
B final – Adnan Aneez, Loke Egede-Poulsen, Miles Henwood, Finley Macfarlane

U14 boys (Fixed wheel bikes):
A final – James Ashcroft, Oscar Clark, Gareth Davies, Jamie Gostick, George Spooner
B final – Owen Abery, Edward Butterworth, Cameron Cann, Harry Clarke, Matteo Filisetti

U16 boys (Fixed wheel bikes):
A final – Matthew Coulsen, Edward Genney, Angus Hawkins, Joshua Knowles
B final – Arthur Boulton, Sam Coulson, Euan Macleod, Duncan Pritchard, Dylan Taylor

Attached are the PPV overall standings 2017. While some of the categories are already decided (marked in yellow), some will come down to the sprint/skills champs. Very exciting! But also, do remember this is the club champs with your club mates as ‘competitors’, and if you don’t get the result you want I’m sure you will all congratulate each other afterwards.

Finally, please remember to bring cakes and money for Children in Need, especially for the raffle being run by Andrew for Revolution tickets.

See you tomorrow
Matt & Fiona