The Palmer Park Velo coaching team are all volunteers, giving their time to help members be the best riders they can be. All coaches are British Cycling qualified and CRB checked. They are easily spotted in their grey polo shirts or green jackets!

Lead coaches

default-headshotChris Boulton
Lead coach for road and time trial
Level 3 Road & Time Trial and Track. Level 2 CCC, Track, Road & Time Trial, Cyclocross and Madison.
default-headshotMatt Carey
Lead coach for mountain bike
Level 2 CCC, Track and Mountain Bike
default-headshotChris Macleod
Lead coach for cyclocross
Level 2 CCC, Cyclocross and Mountain Bike
default-headshotJohn Wann
Lead coach for track and performance
Level 3 Road & Time Trial and Track. Level 2 CCC, Track and Road & Time Trial

Coaching team

Fiona Hawkins
Level 2 CCC and Track

Ian Keary
Level 2 CCC and Track

Tim MacFarlane
Level 2 CCC

Leigh Mason
Level 2 CCC

Filippo Negroni
Level 1

Andrew Pitt

Matt Pritchard
Level 2 CCC, Track, Madison and Cyclocross

Caroline Stewart
Level 2 CCC, Road & Time Trial and Cyclocross

Phil Taylor
Level 1