Dear all

Please find attached results from Saturday together with the current overall standings in the club championship.

We hope you enjoyed the experimental format of having the track and skills championships on the same day.  This year it was a result of circumstance rather than choice, but it is something that we will consider doing again next year.  Feedback on this gratefully received.

As ever, the events would not run without the support of many volunteers. Particular thanks to Julie for sorting the numbers and sign on lists before the day, coming down first thing to run sign-on and then staying to help pack away at the end.  Also to Michael and Rachel who were flying solo and with impressive calmness on the transponder system for the first time and to Darren, without whom the stadium staff would still not know why the power wasn’t going to the track centre.

Thanks to all the parents who stepped forward and helped sweep, hold, time and judge, to Peter Kilby, and particularly to Jacob, for giving up their Saturday to run the judging and the race whipping, and to all the PPV coaches who performed various essential roles throughout the day.

Please let us know if you have any questions or spot any errors.

Finally, don’t forget the club mountain bike championship is at Checkendon on Saturday 1 October.  Entry for this one is via the BC website.  Link below – or see the news section on the PPV website. Online entry for the circuit champs on 5th November will be live shortly.

Best wishes
Fiona and Matt

Image © Chris Macleod