To: All  PPV members.

An opportunity has arisen, at short notice, for us to POSSIBLY get some time at Newport Velodrome.  The slot is 8am – 12noon on Sunday 2nd October.  We realise that this clashes with some CX events but please note that due to the exceptionally high demand for Newport this is probably THE ONLY SESSION THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO GET AT NEWPORT OR LVVP between now and April/May next year.  Our plan, if there is sufficient demand would be to run 2 groups: an introductory group and a skilled racing group, both of which will get ~2hrs time on the track within the 4hr block.  Please read the descriptions below and decide if you wish to express interest in attending.

Note that the cost of the session is TBC but could be in the region of £40, but may vary depending on the number of riders who can attend.

Also note that at the moment are NOT SURE THAT WE WILL GET THIS BOOKING, so the sign-up below is not a commitment either way, we are just trying to judge if there is sufficient demand to pursue it.  Note that the links below are different for the 2 groups, so please pick the correct one for you. Newport has a minimum rider age of 10.


Group 1:  Introduction to riding and racing indoors.  This is a session aimed at riders already confident on a fixed wheel bike, but want to build confidence on an indoor track.  IT IS NOT an “Intro to fixed wheel session”, so riders should already be in a PPV fixed wheel group.  The aim of the session is to get riders to a level where they would consider entering an event on an indoor track.  If interested please sign up using this link:

Group 2:  Racing Skills: This is a session for riders who are already confident riding indoors and regularly race on fixed wheel.  The aim is for a high-level session where we tackle the problems of doing well in an Elimination race or a Points race, through coach led racing and drills.  Typically this is aimed at riders who are in the A-group at PPV and riders are looking to race in Ice-Breakers and Omniums.  Junior riders are welcome. If interested please sign up using this link: