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The 2016 Track Championship will be taking place on Saturday 10 September at Palmer Park, and online entry is now open. The track championship is open to all members (2nd claim members can take part but their result won’t count towards the club championship), with trophies/medals for all age categories and genders presented at the end of year awards. Plus points count towards the overall club championship.

The track championships consists of 3 separate events:

* Pursuit (2 laps for U14 and U16, and 1 lap for everyone else)
* Sprint
* Bunch race (scratch or points depending on age)

Details of start times, race durations etc will be confirmed in the week before the event.

U14 and U16 riders will race on fixed wheel bikes, and all other age groups will be on freewheel. If you are a new U14 or U16 member with limited fixed wheel experience but want to take part, please come and chat to a club coach as soon as possible.

Bikes must adhere to British Cycling technical guidelines, and all riders will be gear checked. If you are new member and unsure about gear restrictions please come and see a club coach well in advance.

Please sign-up using the online form below. There are no entries on the day and sign-up will shut at midnight Saturday 3 September.