Dear All

The MTB skills session this Thursday will be taking place at a slightly different venue, though not far away from Balmore Park.

We will be at Clayfield Copse in Caversham, making use of the woods (and bomb hole). The address is 200 Caversham Park Rd, Reading RG4 6AA, and is not far from Balmore Park.

There is a car park to use off Caversham Park Road, but it has a 1.9m height restriction. If you have a tall vehicle, or a bike on the roof, you can park on the grass verge outside, or in the side road opposite.

We will all meet in the car park at 7pm and cycle to the woods together, as the area we are using is a couple of minutes ride away. If you are late, and we have already left you can find us by:

* Standing in the car park, with the road behind you and the skate park in front, you will see a path running alongside the right hand edge of the skate park.

* Take this gravel path as it follows the trees on the left and keep the open field to the right.

* Keep straight on the path, and don’t turn off left or right and enter the woods where you will see us

We will be making use of the bomb hole in the woods, and putting some of the techniques you have learnt into practice. It should be lots of fun.

This Thursday will be the last MTB skills session as we break for the summer, and CX returns in the Autumn.

Chris and I have loved coaching you, and you have all progressed in your MTB skills. Well done all of you.


Matt & Chris