Dear All

A reminder that the 2019 club track champs are on Saturday 29th June at Palmer Park. There is NO entry on day, and if you want to take part you must get your entries in by this weekend.

The club track champs covers 3 separate events, taking place in the morning from 9am until approx 12.30pm. They are:

* Pursuit (2 laps for U16 and U14, and 1 lap for all other riders)
* 500m sprint (riders may be required to do a flying 200m for seeding purposes)
* Bunch race (points for U14+ and scratch for all others)

Each events carries cub championship points for all participants, plus trophies and medals for the top 3 in each age category. Normal BC rules apply for all events including equipment — if you cannot run something at an Omnium you cannot run it at the club champs!

Important note: U14 and U16 riders are on FIXED bikes only. U12 and younger are on freewheel. If you are a new U14 or U16 member who has limited fixed wheel experience, please speak to a club coach asap (or email me). 

Entries are through RiderHQ as normal:

For all parents, we will need helpers on the day with holding, pursuit timing, judging, sign-on etc. If you can help, please do let me know. 

Thank you
Matt & Fiona