In the last couple of years we have entered teams into the Bicester Millennium CC 9-up 11 mile Team Time Trial (TTT). In 2017, we had 1 U16/Junior team and in 2018 we entered 3 teams with riders from U12 upwards. With two junior victories for our oldest team and incredible efforts from our younger teams, both of whom beat older teams, we are excited to say we would like to enter 3 teams again this year:  


This year’s event is provisionally scheduled for the evening of June 14th at Silverstone, so not only is it a great race and event but also a great venue. The teams will be open to riders in each age category and of both genders. There will be a contribution required towards the entry fee from each rider but the club will also contribute. Last year the rider’s individual contributions were around £10 each. 
I think it is fair to say that all the riders, coaches and parents who were involved last year really enjoyed the experience. However, it is not just about the race, but it is also about the opportunity to train and race with clubmates towards a common goal. Last year it was really evident that riders found an extra 10% for their friends that they wouldn’t necessarily find on their own.  And it wasn’t just us who were impressed, we had lots of great feedback from the organisers and other riders. 

As you will no doubt imagine, the TTT is a tough event and each team has to finish with at least 5 riders over the finishing line. The team riders need to be as compatible as possible. Therefore, we will be doing some testing of riders who would like to take part to make sure they are suitable and to see where they can make their best team contribution e.g. being the lead rider at the start, one of those to be an early pace-setter, or one that will form the group of 5 riders that go all the way to the finish. The testing will be track or closed road circuit based, totally voluntary and mainly focused on and more serious for the older riders’ teams but also involve the U12 group.

For those who come along on Monday nights we will build TTT training into some of the sessions but will also use some Saturdays and potentially a specific standalone day if possible.

There will be a lead coach for each team details TBC.

Please register interest at the following link before the end of February and we look forward to taking the yellow PPV machine on the road again.

Any questions, please email me or speak to myself, Tim or Matt C.

Thanks, Ian