Dear Members

Our friends at Didcot Phoenix are running a Roller Racing Championship next Saturday evening (23rd February), at Didcot Civic Hall, and have asked if PPV would like to enter a team. PPV members, family and friends are also welcome to come along, even if not taking part, to spectate and heckle! Information on tickets is below, and they will do a discount for children.

Full details can be found below and on the attached flyer. 
To enter a team we need 4 riders, with at least one of those being female. Riders must be U14 or older and be able to fit a 52cm frame bike (as that is the size of the Rollapaluza bikes). If more than 4 riders want to take part I will make a selection. If parents (who are PPV members) want to put themselves up for the team they can. Though preference will be given to youth/junior members first, and anyway you might get shown up at your lack of leg speed! 😉

The team entry fee is being covered by the club. 

Any questions, or to put yourself forward, please contact me directly. 


Eight invited teams of four will RACE on four custom-built roller bikes racing over a simulated 500 m distance in a TEAM TIME TRIAL, DEVIL-TAKE THE HINDMOST, MADISON and WIN AND OUT

EXPECT three hours of quality racing, music, MC and cheering and bar.

COME AND CHEER on your team or enjoy the spectacle of the region’s finest racers battling it out.