Dear All Members

We are pleased to announce that the PPV 2017 club circuit championship will take place on Saturday 4th November. Racing will take place in the afternoon (approx 1pm start) at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit.

This event is open to all PPV members, and there are trophies available for all age groups and genders at the end of year awards. The event also counts towards the overall club championship.

We will be using our transponder system at Hillingdon, and therefore sign-up is in advance only. Entries close on 28th October at 11pm, and there is NO entry on the day.

As in previous years we are running this as an inter-club event, and there will be riders from other clubs attending. We will split out the separate PPV results afterwards.

You can enter online below:

If you have any questions, do please let us know.

Matt & Fiona

Photograph © Chris Macleod