Please see below for details of some forthcoming track sessions at Lee Valley Velodrome.

Key points:

  • Open to all first claim members of Central and South-East region clubs (PPV is a Central region club).  Not open to riders who do not belong to one of these clubs.
  • At the amazing venue of Lee Valley
  • Very early on Sunday mornings (eek), but that does mean that the traffic on the journey there is almost non-existent.
  • Sessions will count towards indoor track accreditation (essential if you are ever going to want to ride track league at one of these venues, or join any of the structured training sessions that the velodrome coaches put on for accredited riders only).
  • Open to riders aged 10 – 18
  • Run by Go-Ride club volunteer coaches and supported by BC regional staff.
  • Riders are recommended to get started at an outdoor track like Palmer Park first – i.e. if you ride in any of the fixed wheel riders at Palmer Park then you will be able to do these sessions at the appropriate level.
  • Novice group – first time indoors, those who have ridden fewer than 5 times indoors, those who aren’t yet confident on all parts of the indoor track
  • Intermediate groups – riders with more experience.  Confident on all parts of the track and ready to practice bunch and race drills. Also including younger race-level track riders.
  • Advanced group – Faster race-level track riders.  Advanced groups will practice race drills and specific techniques in preparation for regional races.

See below links for more information (on the South-East page) and for online entry.  Note – all the dates listed below are open to both Central and South-East riders.  The dates marked ‘Central’ are those where Central region coaches are specifically being asked to help.
Any questions, please ask.

Best wishes