I am opening requests to attend the first of our series of winter indoor fixed wheel training sessions at the Calshot indoor track, near Southampton. I run the sessions in conjunction with Graham Hurst from Poole Wheelers, we run the sessions approx once a month, usually the first Saturday of the month, I sent out a full list of date a week or so ago. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a date in October, so we have gone with one in September. These sessions cater for all abilities of fixed wheel riders, from riders new to the fun of indoor riding to expert indoor riders, we even sometimes allow parents to join in !! We can only take 40 riders in total, so we hope the sessions will be over subscribed, as in previous years, as they are lots of fun.

The sessions are 3 hours long, usually early in the afternoon. But the first session on is from 4 till 7 on Saturday the 23rd September. Depending on the riders that register, we will probably use the first hour mainly for riders new to Calshot, and then run several groups each taking a turn on the track. So you will all get plenty of time on the track and will get suitably tired by the end of the session.

Track hire costs have gone up slightly, but we are going to keep the cost of the session to £6 per rider, which is only used to pay for the track, as the coaching is done on a purely volunteer basis.

Bikes/ shoes can be hired directly from the center, if you don’t have your own fixed bike yet.

If you would like to attend please complete the form below to register your interest.

Calshot 23rd September 2017

I look forward to seeing new indoor riders and some of our experienced riders at Calshot in a few weeks time.