We are only a few weeks away from the start of the regional Omnium rounds, and if you haven’t got your entries in yet then please do so quickly.

As a reminder, Omniums are all day track racing events run through April and May. Riders take part in multiple races during the day (Pursuit, Scratch, Devil, Sprint and Points) and score points based on their positions. These points are added up and give an overall position. Races are open for most age categories, though only U12s and older can race on indoor tracks. Younger riders might not take part in all the races during the day if there are time constraints.

The regional rounds are split into Groups, spread around the country. The two nearest groups are listed below, though you are free to pick any group you wish (you don’t have to pick the nearest). However you can only race in rounds from a single group i.e. you cannot ride a round from one group, and then a round from another.

The locations and dates, along with a link to enter, are as follows:

Group 3

Reading 6th May
Cardiff 14th May
Newport 21st May


Group 6

Portsmouth 22nd April
Bournemouth 13th May
Brighton 21st May