Weather allowing the following sessions will run on Saturday. Please note that based on the poll I conducted there will be no A* and no “intro to fixed session”.

9.00 – 10.30:  Freewheel (LM & TMc).
10.30 – 11.15:  C group Fixed wheel (JW)
11.15 –  12.30:  A+B combined (JW) ** NOTE BELOW.
12.30 – 13.00: Time for any A/A* rider who wants extra work on starts/IP.

A+B combined: Combining groups can sometimes ‘lower the intensity’ for A/A* riders. BUT this session will be focussed on Indiv. Pursuit and the intensity will be tailored for each individual rider.  U16 riders and 2nd Year U14 can bring pursuit bars and any U16/U14yr2 who have Garmins, should also fit them to their track bike.  NO GARMINS or pursuit bars for U12 riders or 1st year U14.

*Any rider who knows their pursuit PB for 2k indoors or for 2-4 laps at Palmer Park, should come with that time.

*Standard spoked wheels are fine, but U16s are free to bring race wheels if they wish, accepting the puncture risk.

*Bring something capable of making notes of times/speeds (e.g. pen&paper, phone, parent)