Welcome back to all those riders returning to PPV after the Summer break.  There are a few developments that the coaching group have been discussing to make you aware of.   The first is the in October, after the club championship events are completed, we will be inviting in a new group of U16, U14 and U12 riders from our waiting list, this is to enhance the number of riders in age categories where we feel the numbers are low and in particular to increase the number of female riders.   This will mean that initially the Freewheel sessions may be quite busy in October and November but it is hoped that a number of the older riders will progress through to the other sessions.

Moving Between Groups: On the issue of progression, many of our riders are keen to progress to the higher-level racing groups.  Progression is dependent upon 3 things: 1) A rider having the skills and concentration to ride safely is fast moving training groups; 2) A rider having the speed to match the typical training speed of the higher level group; 3) A rider having the endurance to remain as part of the higher level training group throughout the majority of a session.   Criterion (1) is subjectively assessed by the PPV coaches, criteria (2) and (3) by group speed tests on the track and we will be recommencing those during the Autumn to see if riders are ready to progress, starting with the session on the 24th Sept.

Enhancing Skills:  Learning and refining skills for track cycling are through the progression from the C session (after Freewheel), to the B session (10am); then the A session (8.40am).  Other bike skills can be enhanced through participation in the additional sessions below as well as family road and trail riding.

Enhancing speed and endurance:  In additional to the Saturday sessions the club will also be offering the following mid-week sessions aimed at riders who wish to improve their racing capability.

Monday road-bike group training:  Suitable for riders  from U14 and above.  From 7pm – 9pm at the stadium, commencing on Monday evenings as soon as the stadium floodlights are fixed (probably late September or early October). Endurance training using road-bikes on the track with groups of varying abilities. TBA

Thursday CX training:  Suitable for riders  U10 – Junior.  From 7pm – ~8.30pm (light dependent) at the stadium.  Skills and fitness work on an undulating  grass course using either a cyclo-cross bike (if you have one) or mountain bike:  For info contact Chris MacLeod


Sat 17th Sept – PPV Track Championship  (Morn) Road bike skills Championship (afternoon) – Weather forecast OK

Sat 24th Sept –  Normal PPV training, but with rider speed tests integrated (focus for A group will once again be Team pursuit so pursuit bars welcome)

Sat 1st Oct – PPV MTB Championship, Checkendon  (training sessions at PP will take place but in a limited format)

John Wann