Dear club members

Apologies for the short notice, but we have managed to secure use of the track through to 3 O’clock on Saturday afternoon and therefore will run both the track and the skills event on the same day.

i.e. both on Saturday 17 September.

We will start with the track events with sign on at 9 O’clock. Once these are finished there will be a short break for lunch while we set up the skills course and then the skills will follow straight on. The anticipated start time for the skills event will be 1 O’clock.

We realise that this is a change from what we usually do, and that some riders may have other commitments for the afternoon, but we have looked for other possible dates and there are really very few options. So please accept our apologies if you are unable to make this revised scheduling.

U14s and U16s doing both events will need to remember to bring both their fixed wheel and their freewheel bikes.

Best wishes

Matt and Fiona