Dear all

Please read the following important information regarding the track champs tomorrow.

Weather – the weather forecast for tomorrow is currently not looking great. However, who knows what the morning will bring so sign on and gear check will open as planned, even if it is wet, but please be aware that we may not be able to race as planned tomorrow.  If we need to cancel any or all of the racing we will move to our reserve date of 17 September (with consequent knock-on effect on the skills championships).

Timings –

9.00 sign-on and gear check opens
9.30 sign-on closes
9.30 Rider briefing
9.40 Racing starts

Flying 200m for U10 girls and U16 boys.  Also for U12 boys and U14 boys if all those who entered sign on.

Information –

Gear check and sign-on will take place on the red track.

The D will be used as the rider area for roller warm-ups and waiting for your race. No warm-ups to be done in the stand.

Remember, U14s and U16s are on fixed wheel bikes and all other categories are on freewheel bikes. If you need a club bike you will be able to collect one when the stadium opens at 9am approx.

We are running a flying 200m at the start to help us seed the sprint heats. This is only being used where we have 6 or more entrants to any category.  Where we have 5 or fewer we will run the sprints as a straight final.

Categories required for flying 200m are:

U10 Girls

U16 Boys

U12 Boys – but only if all entrants to this category sign on

U14 Boys – but only if all entrants to this category sign on

Please will all riders in these categories be ready in the rider pen to get onto the fence at 9.40 prompt.  We will be going from youngest age to oldest to give all a chance to recover before the pursuits. If you are in the age groups above and don’t record a 200m time you can still take part in the sprints but you will be seeded last.

During the flying 200m there will be NO crossing of the track. Please make sure you have everything you need track side and are prepared (and don’t need the toilet). Crossing at other times will only be between races.

The running order for the morning will be flying 200m (for some categories), pursuit, sprint and bunch race. A race programme will be pinned up in the rider area for everyone to see. We hope to have the pursuit station list out to you in advance, but this will also be in the rider area for you to refer to.

Please be at your pursuit station in plenty of time. We need to get riders up to their station and ready to go as quickly as possible to be able to complete the full race programme.

Most importantly of all, have fun. We know this is the club championship, but it is also an opportunity to race in a friendly atmosphere with your friends.

Matt & Fiona