Dear All

Central Region are holding a track cluster session at the Lea Valley (Olympic) velodrome on 12 June, and are accepting entires. Only riders with a Central Licence or are members of Central Registered Clubs can apply, which includes you as members of Palmer Park.

There are two groups on the day; a beginners/improvers and an advanced group. The beginners group is for those getting started and track accreditation skills, while the advanced group is for those looking to qualify for the regional track team. There is no age guide but the advanced group will be for U16 and possibly U14s.

If you would like to have a chance to ride the Olympic velodrome there are a few things to be aware of:

* You must be 10 or older to apply

* You ideally have your own bike. There are some hire bikes available at Lea Valley but there don’t have small sizes and you cannot change pedals

* You should either have ridden an indoor track before (ideally Newport), or be keen to have a go

* It is an early start!

If you want to take part please sign-up below:

There are more sessions planned through the year if you cannot make this one.