We will be running a special extended freewheel session this Saturday (30th April) primarily aimed at new members recently invited from the waiting list, but also open to our younger or less experienced riders who normally attend Freewheel and/or C sessions.

As a result there will be NO FIXED WHEEL SESSIONS. We only have the track until 12 noon anyway due to the Bordeaux-Paris race meeting in the afternoon (which many riders will be at anyway).

This extended Freewheel session will run 09:30-12:00 (Arrive 9.30 to sort out sign on and bikes). We aim to start riding at 10:00.
We will be sorting the riders into groups based on ability and experience, for which we need you to sign up using the form below if you’re planning to attend. Please don’t turn up without having signed up!


As there will be increased demand for the club bikes, please bring your own bike if you have one. Flat bar bikes will be fine for this session.