A reminder that the PPV session tomorrow is at NEWBURY SHOWGROUND.  There is NO SESSION AT PALMER PARK.  The weather forecast is good and we will focus on criterium racing skills starting at 10am  (please arrive and warm up on rollers from 9.30). I have repeated Chris’ previous message below but here are the vital thumbnails:

Higher level Riders (as spec’d in Chris’s message):You will be working on a complex/tight-turn criterium circuit and focussing on strategies for making breaks using the features of a tight circuit.  This will be through a series of coach-guided races.

Younger/Novice Riders: You will be working on a shorter simpler circuit on cornering and control but aspiring to move towards the same type of race skills as the older riders.

Riders Entered for the Maindy Omnium (Sunday):  You will be free to drop-out at whatever point you feel you’ve done enough.

ALL RIDERS:  It is meant to be sunny, but it will probably be only 6-7degrees.  I expect to see ALL RIDERS in LONG TOPS and LEGGINGS. NO SHORTS or SHORT SLEEVES at the start.  You can always peel off after the initial races.  – Multiple layers and long tops are also good in case you over-cook it on a turn.

John W