A number of our riders are away on the PPV Afan trip so tomorrow I will run ONE COMBINED A + B session from 9:20 – 10.50. During that session I will once again aim to cover the key Regional Omnium events.   This time I hope to get some time for Pursuit practice so if you are an U16 rider planning to use pursuit bars then you can bring these, although don’t fit them at the start as we will kick off with Keirin/Points practice.

There is no coaching cover for a C session so the Freewheel will start at 11am.

A+B session: 9.20-10.50 (Coach: JW):  Omnium Preparation   :  Roller warm-up from 9am

Freewheel (Lead: LM): 11.00 -12.30;  10.45 if you need to borrow a bike.

John Wann