We need your help!

We are in need of marshals for the club MTB champs on 17 October at Checkendon to ensure the safety of all riders on the course.

* We need marshal points spread around the course at a couple of the technical obstacles and in the furthest woods.

* Marshals will need to get in position in advance of the racing, and stay in position until the last rider has finished. This means you can’t see your child off at the start and then get in position, or marshal for a portion of the race and then come back. We are planning to run the youngest riders first, on the small course (which includes part of the large course), followed by all the older riders in staggered waves on the large course. This will keep the race time down, but will still require being in position for about approx 1.5hrs

* If you are able to volunteer and are a first aider please let me know. We don’t need a first aider at every marshal point, but we do need at least a couple spread around.

* You will need to check riders are happy, on course and safe and well.

* You won’t be required to do any bike fixing as a marshall, as MTB racers need to be self-sufficient!

* The furthest points on the course are quite a walk, and better reached by bike. If you fancy bringing your bike let me know.

If you are able to help please get in touch with Matt Carey.