Timings for the skills championship on Saturday are planned as follows:

9 am – Sign on opens. No riders are allowed track-side, but you can put your bike against the fence out of the way. No gear check. Your usual PPV freewheel bike.

9.15 am – judges / helpers briefing. We should have sufficient coaches to take care of the judges but we will need some other parents to help with replacing cones, retrieving bottles etc, and possibly also as time-keepers.

9.30 am – Sign on closes. Riders allowed track-side. Coach-led walk-through of the challenges. No bikes on the course.

9.45 am – first groups start – in age categories.

We are running a new format and are not quite sure how long it will take to get through all the riders. We won’t be running any activities on the black track while the skills event is in progress as we don’t have sufficient coaches or space, but if we get through the skills quickly we will do some fun races to take us up to our usual finish time.

See you all on Saturday.

Fiona and Matt