The weather forecast is, for once, good for the weekend.  We hope to be able to run some high pace, Omnium focussed sessions for A & B riders possibly using Dernys. 

For this week we WILL NOT BE RUNNING THE C SESSION.   This is not because we have abandoned the concept, we have had positive feedback on the format, but we need additional coaching cover when we provide the A,B,C format and we are evaluating how we best provide that.  The likely solution will be that we will run regular C sessions, but not C sessions every week.   This week’s format will be:

A session: 9-10am (8.40 on rollers) – Membership based on sustained race speed.

B session: 10 – 11am (9.40 on rollers) – Any riders who have previously ridden in the B group, but not  NEW fixed-wheel riders who have just joined the C group.

Freewheel Session: 11.00 – 12.30.