Due to a shortage of Coaching staff the following modified sessions will be running.

9am-11am: A & B group freewheel session

This will be a HARD freewheel session for any A or B group riders (it will be structured like Monday night Club Training Cluster sessions). If you have been riding in the C group for the past couple of weeks, this session won’t be suitable for you. There is no roller warm-up as warm-up will be part of the session. Please be ready to start at 9am prompt and freewheel bikes only please.

11am-12.30pm: C group and Freewheel only riders (plus any A & B riders who want to stay)

A mixed training and skills session for all riders. Any A & B riders are welcome to stay, and we will have some skills exercises for you.

If you have any queries about the sessions this Saturday, please let Chris Boulton or myself know.