A reminder that Monday night track racing starts this coming Monday, the 8th April, at Palmer Park.

For those of you new to the club, or have not raced Track league before, here are a few pointers:

All racing is on fixed wheel bikes. If you are unsure about your fixed wheel experience, please speak to a club each and we can advise.

PPV members can borrow a club track bike for the nights racing. If you intend to do so, please arrive in plenty of time to get one from the shed.

Monday night racing is run by Reading Track League, with the assistance of PPV coaches (and others).

Racing starts at 7pm sharp for the youngest riders (the D’s).

U12s and U10s race in the ‘D Group’, with 4 races every Monday night. There is no league for this group, as it is all about fun and learning. But the racing is still hard and fast! Further info can be found at the U12 dedicated website https://ppvu12trackracing.wordpress.com and also on the Facebook group.

U14s and above mainly race in the ‘C group’, which has a league, points, and end of season prizes. U16s can also apply to Track League to race in the adult groups. The C’s get 4 or 5 races a night, with longer distances. If you are a first year U14 or new to track, and want to guest in the D’s for a while to gain some experience, please speak to a coach and we can advise.

The D’s do not need a transponder. The C’s do need a transponder, and this can either be bought for the season, or hired on the night for a refundable deposit. If you want a transponder, please contact Ian Keary or Andrew Pitt, and they can get you sorted.

All riders need to sign-up in advance each week. Entries close on Sunday night. If you are unsure whether you can race or not, please sign up anyway. You can apply to the organiser to move your entry right up to the start of racing, and your entry can then be moved to the following week.

Sign up for the first week at https://www.riderhq.com/events/84355/reading-track-league-1-1