Hi all,

I’ve had plenty of interest for the mountain bike weekend in March with 25 so far provisionally having booked a place. The lodge has space for 38 so there are places still available.

The Southern XC mountain bike series has just released it’s dates however and the first round is on the 12 March at Wasing Park, so clashed with the original date for the PPV weekend.

As a number of those going on the PPV trip are planning to do this race it’s been decided to move the weekend to the 17-19th March. Hopefully this doesn’t affect anyone who’s signed up being able to go.

If anyone else is interested in going but unsure of what’s involved please let me know. We’ve got all ages going so should have a group to suit any mountain bikers from the club.

Sign up is here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScOQcXnH52Mv8lP9MiZuD89NDeA90zU9UWLM2ZVh_94uGVi8Q/viewform