Apologies for the (very) late notice, but we have been waiting on the latest regarding the stadium, and then I managed to come off my bike (doh!).

The MTB session tonight is ON, running from 7pm-8.30pm as usual. However we are not using Palmer Park as even with the light nights there is not yet enough light spill to make it safe.
Instead we are running the session this week at Balmore Park, Caversham. This is a high-up open park, which will stay light until late, and offer some variety of gradient for the skills exercises. We will meet at the bench in the centre of the park — should be easy to spot if you follow the gravel footpath through.
We will be working on front wheel lifts and cornering again, but with the added challenge of off-camber and gradients.
Options for parking:
The Ridgeway (https://goo.gl/maps/gCXFrfDLzF42), Balmore Park Road, Newlands Avenue are residential roasd with a cut through path to the park. Please be considerate of residents drives etc if parking here.
Chester Street car park in Caversham is free in the evenings, and a short walk to the park. Come out of the car park and onto Hemdean Road, and into Balmore Park doctors surgery. In the corner of the car park is a steep path up the hill. Walk up there to the top of the park.
Any questions do let me know