Omnium places going fast!

Entries for 3 out of the 4 rounds in the Wales/South Omnium series are open, and places are going fast. If you are thinking of taking part we would suggest you sign-up as soon as possible. The addition of Welsh riders this year will add considerably to numbers, and we want to see as many PPV riders taking part as possible.

Entries and dates are available on the British Cycling website

If you have not ridden the Omnium series before and want to know more, please come and see a club coach who will be able to advise.

Transponder operators urgently needed

We urgently need parents and friends of the club to step forward and assist with running the transponder system.

We want to build up a rota of operators to run the system at club race days, club championship events and Omniums. We could even use the system for Saturday morning training, giving invaluable data feedback in real time to the coaches. But we cannot do any of this without people stepping forward to be operators.

The Susie Omnium at Bournemouth in April have asked if PPV will supply their transponder system for the event, as we have done in previous years. However we cannot support this without having a team of 3 operators (2 on the laptops and one to swap in), and we need your help to achieve this. Having the transponder system at Bournemouth will be a huge benefit to all our riders. Without it, judging will have to be done by eye, with the potential for human error. We wouldn’t want any rider to miss out on Omnium points through judging mistakes.

We will provide training and operators will always work in small groups — you won’t be using the system solo! If you have basic computer skills you will be able to run the system. Transponder operators are usually kept well supplied with tea and cake at events too!

If you are interested in joining the transponder team, please get in contact with Andrew Pitt as soon as possible.