Entries for the 2016 National Circuit Series are starting to open, and if you are interested in taking part there are changes for this year you need to be aware of:

  • National Series points and rankings are now only for U14 (B) and U16 (A) categories
  • Some rounds are including U12s as a support race, and some are including U10 and U8  races as well. This will be at the discretion of the organiser as the guidance is for only U14 and U16 races with U12 suggested. Don’t expect there to be races for younger riders at every round.
  • Selection criteria for U14 and U16 should be as previous years. Other categories are down to the organiser, so please read the event info to find out how they are selecting.

If you are an U14 or U16 and intend to race be aware that competition for entries will be fierce. More and more riders are looking to race every year, and these categories will be heavily oversubscribed. You will need BC points to get in, and the more points the better chance you have. The good news is there are now more points on offer, with points down to 10th at races with a large enough field.

The series regulations give details of the criteria and we recommend you study them closely. It can be a tactical game, picking races and trying to get points for entry. If you have any questions or need advice please do see the coaching team.

The list of events and dates can be found at the link below.