We have booked a track session at Newport Velodrome a few weeks before the first Ice Breakers race weekend. It is aimed primarily at those riders who have already ridden a 250m track and want to start or develop their their racing skills and confidence in a bunch at speed in this environment (which is very different to Palmer Park, Bournemouth or Calshot).

Date: Sunday 10 January, 08:00-10:00
If you haven’t ridden indoors on a 250m track, or have only ridden indoors at Calshot, this ISN’T the session for you but we hope to run other events for you in the future.
At this stage, please sign up TO EXPRESS AN INTEREST in attending. This is not a firm commitment and does not guarantee you a place, because riders will need to be selected, grouped and then invited by the coaches. For this particular session it is essential that we have groups of similar ability that can ride together at speed during the session.

If you are intending to ride one or more of the Ice Breakers events, you are strongly advised to sign up.

Please fill in your details here BY END OF NOVEMBER if you would like to be considered: