Dear All

Yesterday British Cycling announced the changes to youth racing that have been under consideration for the past few months. It is important that all members, and their parents, read and understand these and how it effects them.

The changes in full are available at but here are a few key points:

* No National Championships, National Series points or BC ranking points for U12s and below. This applies to track and road, and was always the case for MTB and CX.
* A change to the rankings and dispensation criteria for U14s and and U16s, who are eligible to score BC points. For larger fields (10+ riders in a category), points will be given down to 10th (15th at National Champs), rather than the top 3 only, helping if you race in a competitive region or race series. If this change applies to you please do read the regulations carefully and understand what the changes mean.
* For circuit races U14s and below have a new technical change, with wheels having a max rim depth of 35mm (same as the track regulations). Basically that means deep section wheels are out! As with track, U16s are not restricted by rim depth.

There are more details on the BC website at the link above, but these are the headline changes. If you have any questions on how these might effect you, or your child/children, do please speak to a club coach.