Weather permitting there will be a full set of session this Saturday on the following, revised, time-schedule:

A session: 9-9.55am (8.40 on rollers)

B session: 9.55 – 10.50 (9.30 on rollers)

C Session: 10.50 – 11.30 (arrive 10:20 to sort out bikes)

Freewheel: 11.30 -12.30 (11.10 if you need to borrow a bike)

I (John) will be taking the A session and will be running some 200m, 500m and 8km (yes again 😦 ) ‘benchmarking’ exercises for riders as this is a good time to establish where you are, in terms of performance, prior to an Autumn and Winter of training.  A document outlining a whole set of core skills and benchmarking measures for Junior, U16 and U14 riders is now available on the PPV website and can be downloaded:  The concept is that you use this to document your progress on the track and road during the coming year.  A similar doc for MTB/XC is in preparation.

For the B session we will be re-running the RAMP TEST ( 😦 ) as this is also a useful benchmarking exercise.

Queries about the C group membership are best addressed to Matt Pritchard who will be running that session (see recent posts & email).