Hi all

Track championship results and the current overall championship standings have been posted to the results page.

I seemed to miss most of the racing through having my head down looking at pursuit times and sprint heats, but the racing I did see looked fantastic – competitive and hard fought, but safe, and with lots of smiling faces.

The full results, with times, are up on the My Laps website.

There are 2 points to note about these results – both concerning the U14 races.

Firstly, you will see that the B sprint final shows exactly the same time for Edward and Joshua. The judges did call a result, as that is what they must do if at all possible, but after speaking to both of the boys we decided that the fairest result was for the race to be declared a tie. Thus they are joint 5th for the sprint championship, and receive the same points.

The second point concerns the winner of the pursuit. The timings recorded show that Alexi was ahead of Angus by 0.05 seconds. As far as the result goes this would generally be final, despite a number of people – PPV coaches, parents and other riders, saying that what they saw wasn’t backed up by the recorded times i.e. they thought Angus was ahead. However, as I say, generally the recorded time is the final result, and Angus fully accepted this.

In this case though Alexi, very honestly and showing really great club and team-spirit and generosity of nature, came forward and confirmed that he is sure that he finished after Angus did, and in consequence he does not wish to be awarded a win that he doesn’t believe is his.

We don’t know where the error lies – most likely a number mis-transcribed, but at Alexi’s request, the result has been reversed, putting Angus first and Alexi second. Thank you Alexi.

If there are any other queries please let me know.

And so to the Championship standings. With 5 events now completed and just 2 to go, some of the age categories are very close – and not just at the top.

The next event is the skills championship on 3 October, and sign-up for this closes on 26 September, so if you haven’t already entered be sure to do so before it closes.