We are in need of helpers at the club circuit champs, and without your assistance we cannot run the event. We need help with the following:

Gear check
We need 1-2 people to help gear check from 12.15 until 1pm
First aiders
We need 3 first aiders available. One as the designated ‘chief first aid officer’, and an additional male and female first aider. You will be stationed around the circuit.
Slipstreams hope to have some helpers but if you can marshall crossing points do let me know.
Tea bar/cakes
There is a tea bar in the slipstreams clubhouse, and they hope to have this open. But if anyone would be prepared to help that would be much appreciated. Plus CAKES! If you can donate a cake to two that would be lovely. The judging team in particular LOVE cakes 🙂
Please email me directly if you can help on the day. matt@studiolift.com