DSC05870Over the years the bike shed at Palmer Park Velo has been getting increasingly over-crowded which has become a problem for the shed team.  After initially offering the surplus stock to PPV members, the remainder of the excess bikes needed to be re-homed.  14 old bikes were offered to a number of charities and Helen King at Jole Rider responded enthusiastically to the offer.
On Sunday 19th April 2015, the bikes were collected by the charity.  They will be used for either of their 2 programmes – Bikes 4 Africa (JOLE RIDER’s flagship programme which delivers bikes to schools making the journey to education possible for thousands of children) and also Mpower 2 Achieve (JOLE RIDER’s skills training programme which enables young people and adults to acquire or enhance bicycle engineering skills for their individual benefit or to support Bikes4Africa).  More information about t he charity can be found at http://www.jolerider.org/
The PPV shed team now looks forward to being able to move more easily in their domain!!

Gianpiero Filisetti