The forecast for this Saturday is mixed/reasonable/variable, so we will just assume that all sessions will be on.  The format we will be using is the standard A,B, Freewheel schedule as below.  Last week I circulated table of Sprint Categories for the 9am and 10am riders.  This is attached.  Can each rider in the 9am & 10am group note/learn what their category is.  In the run-up to competitions this makes race-simulation easier to set up.  If you are not on the list just see me on the day and I will allocate you to a group.  As each of you improve you will move through these categories.


9am Fixed led by John (arrive by 8.30):  Main focus will be translating the sprint focus from the last 2 weeks into points race performance.


RAMP Test 9.55?: This was one of the weeks scheduled for this, but at the moment I don’t have a Derny driver to enable this.  I will update as to whether this will take place.


10am Fixed led by MattP:  Focus pursuit and pursuit starts for Omniums.


11am Freewheel


IMPORTANT:  Please note that NEXT WEEK 21st March will be FREEWHEEL only for all sessions, due to coaches and riders being away at the final Icebreaker Event.  Further info from Matt next week.