Due to changes in data laws (GDPR), Palmer Park Velo are required to inform all members how we hold data about you. We also need to gain consent from all members for certain types of communications.

Palmer Park Velo are both a data controller and data processor. This means we hold data on members.

We only use your data for the purpose of running Palmer Park Velo, including coaching sessions and races. We do not pass your data to third parties for marketing purposes.

We only hold data on members that is required for the running of the club, and this data is held securely.

We may pass your data to sporting governing bodies (i.e.British Cycling) for the purposes of running events, but never for marketing purposes.

Lists of members are only used for sign-on and by coaches to run and manage sessions or races.

The club may generate lists of riders and use these to plan coaching sessions, allocate coaching groups, and record personal achievements. This may include personal data e.g. age, gender, any known health issues etc. This information is only used for club purposes, and is never passed on to third parties.

If you have, or create, a British Cycling account your data will be attached to Palmer Park Velo. Your British Cycling account data will be visible to the club via the British Cycling club management system.

Please can all members complete the form below. Our privacy policy is available to download.